About Me

I began tattooing in 1995 in Louisville, KY.  I served my apprenticeship under Keith Miller and Travis Franklin of Eternal Images Tattoo. During my time in Louisville I not only learned the technical and sterile aspects of tattooing but also to paint with oils. I learned the importance of working in other mediums to develop my ability to tattoo and render forms in value and color.

I later moved to New York City where I tattooed with a variety of different artists. I found many influences that helped me to progress in my work and grow as an artist. I spent 10 years in Manhattan, tattooing mostly at Dare Devil Tattoo on the Lower East Side.

In 2006 I moved to Cape Cod Massachusetts. I spent the next 6 years tattooing and painting in Provincetown where I enjoyed the influence of a great many local artists.

 In 2012 my family and I moved up to the Portland area to settle for the long term. At that time I began working with the crew at Sanctuary Tattoo where again, I found myself among several talented artists.

At the end of 2017 I made my most recent move to work with Chris Dingwell at his Squirrel Cage Studio. This is an exciting opportunity for me to yet again embrace a new working environment with an artist whom I have admired since my days as an apprentice when I first discovered Chris' work in 1995.

During my years of practicing tattoo art I have found that the medium is very conducive to organic forms due to the three dimensional nature of the "canvas". To me a tattoo should look like something that conforms to the body of the client. The tattoo should move with the body and look interesting from every angle. In my personal work I most enjoy rendering vehicles and machinery and have found that the some what ridged nature of mechanical objects can be designed to follow the lines of the body. Animals and foliage also work especially well and movement can be simulated by using elemental backgrounds such as wind, fire and water. I also like to include abstract forms when it helps with the overall flow of the piece.

Ultimately I find my clients to be the greatest source for ideas and inspiration. I heartily enjoy the process of bringing a client's vision to life on their skin!